Galantamine in the Sun

It’s sunny and beautiful here on the coast of British Columbia (though super windy!).  Having the day off work, I figured it was a good time to test the Galantamine that I bought for aiding my dream recall and lucidity levels.  By testing it during the day, I thought I could get help more easily if I had an allergic reaction or something.  I read that this happened to one girl who took it while on Saphris (stated in one of her earlier posts).  From member, cmmgibson who posted on Dreamviews last year, 2011:

Okay last night I slept for 4 hours and then took 4 mg of Galantamine and 300 mg of choline. I went straigth back to bed. In about an hour I woke up and went to the bathroom.. i noticed my lip was swelled up HUGE and i was hearing this horrible ringing sound. My stomache was going crazy and I felt extremely hot, then extremely cold. I could barely breathe. It felt like a bad mushroom trip or something. Anyway, I went back to bad like five hours later but didn’t have a lucid dream or anything. I was probably allergic to galantamine  i am hoping it was because of the chemical reaction… but most likely its because I shouldn’t be taking any more galantamine. I want to cry… I was so excited to have lucid dreams.. I feel like someone just told me that I was sterile…

So what happened after I took 4mg of it with 700mg of choline bitartrate at 11 in the morning?

Well, for about 2-3 hours I felt no different.  My lips remained their regular size, and I experienced no other ill effects.  However, as I sat working on my computer in the early afternoon, about 3 hours after taking it, I felt this strange sensation that my head was becoming lighter and expanding, as if it were a balloon being filled with helium.  It reminded my of the time South Park school counsellor, Mr. Mackey, after informing the class that drugs are bad (mkay) and eventually losing his job and becoming homeless, gives in and starts experimenting with drugs himself.

His already abnormally large head expands and leaves his body, if I recall correctly.  This didn’t happen to me, but it felt pretty close.  I experienced a slight dissociative effect, like my mind was trying to disconnect from my body.  Cognitively, I felt an inclination to space out, but I fought this without much difficulty.  I didn’t develop a headache or anything, but this sensation was a bit odd and not altogether welcome.  Before, I felt very grounded and in tune with my body, but taking the supplements counteracted this balanced feeling.  Though much much weaker, it felt slightly similar to the moment after I’ve been in sleep paralysis with energy and vibrations coursing through my body,when suddenly the energy converges in the forehead and transports my mind into a void, and sometimes into a lucid dream.  Perhaps this is just me making associations based on what I expected to happen.

 All in all, taking the galantamine during the day led to a mildly unpleasant sensation that was noticeable after about 3 hrs, (peaking around this time) and lasting for several hours.  Im curious to know what effects it will have when taken upon waking 5 or so hours into my sleep period (as is recommended by most people who use the stuff for lucid dreaming- it’s important not to interfere with deep (delta) sleep, the majority of which occurs in the sleep cycles toward the beginning of your sleep).  I plan to try this next Tuesday night, and will definitely report back on how it goes!

For the record, I don’t think supplements are necessary at all for good dream recall and lucid dreaming.  But can they enhance these skills?  I don’t know, and that warranted further exploration and experimentation.  Though I believe nothing can beat the mixture of determination, perseverance and intelligently applied effort, keeping an open mind in regards to alternative and supplementary practices is also important.

I’ve been experimenting further with the lucid dreaming app that I wrote about in my last post, along with a daytime reality check app (all external mechanisms, which is the opposite to what I’ve done in the past!).  So far I’ve had 2 lucid dreams in 4 nights.  I’m planning to continue experimenting with this technique and will write about it soon.

Last post, I wrote that it was probably silly to spend a large sum on a lucid dreaming mask when a $3 app that does something similar might be just as effective.  I overlooked the obvious advantage that an external visual cue has over an external auditory cue, which is you can use it in a bed/room you share with others without waking them up! (Also, multiple people moving at different times during the night in the same bed might render the sleep cycle readings unusable).  If sleeping solo however, maybe they are still comparable?

Anyways, lots on the go – I’d forgotten the excitement that comes with striving to be lucid during the day and night!


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